Player grades: Jake Guentzel

Regular Season Stats: 82 GP, 22 G, 26 A, 48 PTS, -9 Postseason Stats: 12 GP, 10 G, 11 A, 21 PTS, +10 Defining Moment This one seems to be a pretty easy one for the youngster, right? The game six clincher against the Philadelphia Flyers was the defining moment for Guentzel in this season’s chase for a three-peat. Jake Guentzel had been very inconsistent on the season … Continue reading Player grades: Jake Guentzel

Player Grades: Brian Dumoulin

Regular Season Statline: 80 GP, 5 G, 13 A, 18 PTS, -5 Postseason Statline: 12 GP, 1 G, 6 A, 7 PTS, +3 Defining Moment: Spending all of 2018 with Letang For me, it’s tough to pinpoint that single defining moment for defenseman Brian Dumoulin this past season and that is actually a good thing. Dumoulin has emerged as one of the better defensive defensemen in hockey but … Continue reading Player Grades: Brian Dumoulin

Player grades: Casey DeSmith

Regular Season Stats: 14 GP, 6-4-1, 2.40 GAA, .921 SV%, 1 SO Postseason Stats: Did not play. Defining Moment: 2016-17′ AHL Playoffs Yes, I understand that this moment is from the previous playoff season but it is pretty symbolic of a trend that has continued into this season. Casey DeSmith has outplayed his counterpart, Tristan Jarry, at each level of the Penguins’ ranks. Jarry began the 2016-17′ season as … Continue reading Player grades: Casey DeSmith

Player grades: Sidney Crosby

Regular Season: 82 GP, 29 G, 60 A, 89 PTS Post-Season: 12 GP, 9 G, 12 A, 21 PTS Defining Moment: April 11th, 2018 After a subpar season to Sidney Crosby’s lofty standards, he didn’t take much time to show the impact he would make on the 2018 playoffs. Shift after shift, the Crosby line dominated in the Flyers’ zone and eventually lead toBryan Rust scoring the … Continue reading Player grades: Sidney Crosby

Offseason Player Grades: Olli Maatta

Regular Season Stats GP:55  G:1  A:6  PTS:7  +/-:17  PIM:12 Playoff Stats GP: 25  G:2  A:6  PTS: 8 +/-:8  PIM:12 Player Grade (B-) I gave Olli Maatta a B- mainly because his play from game to game was that of a rollercoaster. During the beginning of the year he did not look good, but after his injury he looked a little better. Once the playoffs rolled … Continue reading Offseason Player Grades: Olli Maatta

Offseason Player Grades: Kris Letang

Regular Season Statistics GP: 41, G: 5, A: 29, P: 34, +/-: 2 Playoff Statistics None, Missed ya Tanger! Player Grade (B) If Kris Letang would have played a whole season and maybe racked up some more points, we probably could move him up to an ‘A’. Honestly a lot of people see him as an offensive defenseman, but in the 41 games played he only … Continue reading Offseason Player Grades: Kris Letang

Offseason Player Grades: Ian Cole

Regular Season Stats GP:81, G:5, A:21, PTS:26, +/-:26, PIM:72 Playoff Stats GP:25, G:0, A:9, PTS:9, +/-:2, PIM:22 Player Grade (A+) Ian Cole may be the most underrated Penguins on the team this past year. Cole flew under the radar for most of the year with his exceptional defensive play and tremendous PK skills. But after these playoffs he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. … Continue reading Offseason Player Grades: Ian Cole