What needs to be fixed for Penguins to comeback?

For only the second time in Matt Murray‘s career, he lost consecutive playoff games. And for the first time in a long time, Murray isn’t the same goalie the Penguins have effusively praised and enjoyed over their past two Stanley Cup runs. His .906 save percentage isn’t horrible although it’s far from inspiring but he isn’t necessarily the problem right now. What are some things the Penguins … Continue reading What needs to be fixed for Penguins to comeback?

Is Trading Letang Actually A Good Thing?

Before I get into my point, I want to make a public disclaimer: I am not necessarily on the “trade Letang” bandwagon. So if you tweet at me claiming I am stupid for wanting to get rid of Letang, I will not respond because it is clear you only read the title. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, is trading Letang something … Continue reading Is Trading Letang Actually A Good Thing?

Maatta Improving His Game

Olli Maatta. Many of you are probably thinking of him as a slow moving turnover machine. Well don’t. Maatta has been the target of many bad comments and fans haven’t treated him fairly. He set his expectations high after a superb rookie season where he scored nine goals and 20 assists. After that, Maatta was plagued with multiple long term injuries including a battle with … Continue reading Maatta Improving His Game

Offseason Player Grades: Olli Maatta

Regular Season Stats GP:55  G:1  A:6  PTS:7  +/-:17  PIM:12 Playoff Stats GP: 25  G:2  A:6  PTS: 8 +/-:8  PIM:12 Player Grade (B-) I gave Olli Maatta a B- mainly because his play from game to game was that of a rollercoaster. During the beginning of the year he did not look good, but after his injury he looked a little better. Once the playoffs rolled … Continue reading Offseason Player Grades: Olli Maatta

Unsung Heroes

Overtime, Game 7; these are the games as hockey fans we love. Thursday night, the Penguins defeated the Senators 3-2 in double overtime to clinch their bid to the Stanley Cup Finals vs the Nashville Predators. The game winning goal coming from 37-year-old Chris Kunitz, which was his second goal of the night. This entire playoff, and regular season has been filled with unsung heroes. … Continue reading Unsung Heroes

Olli Maatta Beginning To Return To Form

The Pens are coming off a 7-0 blow out against the Senators notching back to back winning efforts. Notice that the defense is getting a scoring touch here. Olli Maatta himself has scored the first goals in the past few games. But man has he come up big for the Pens during the playoffs. He has been playing solid minutes for the team and remains effective. … Continue reading Olli Maatta Beginning To Return To Form

Will Injuries Hamper The Pens’ Chances?

The Penguins are again bitten by the injury bug. It seems year after year the Penguins must overcome these injuries. But it’s even worse this year after stars like Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang have been out longer term. Now with depth almost not there, how do the Pens overcome the injuries? Well that’s the question to be answered. The Penguins can also be lucking out … Continue reading Will Injuries Hamper The Pens’ Chances?