This Penguins Team is Much, Much Different

The second-most difficult task in professional sports is winning a championship. There’s many difficult layers and aspects to winning the highly desired prize, and many professional sports franchises are never able to call themselves the cream of the crop, or simply, the best of the world. While many will believe that winning a championship is the most daunting and difficult task for a club to … Continue reading This Penguins Team is Much, Much Different

Concussion Controversy

There’s been a ton of speculation about Sidney Crosby’s concussion, including a World Cup Of Hockey cover-up conspiracy. Like Frankie, I say relax. Bob McKenzie’s Twitter feed is always full of good information, and in this case it’s no different. Some see Sidney Crosby now as just a fragile little walking concussion in human form and any little accident can set him off. One tweet … Continue reading Concussion Controversy

Penguins Twitter Roundtable: Season In Review

As we did multiple times throughout the season, multiple Twitter accounts combined to write one big Roundtable discussion giving our opinions on certain topics. Myself along with @PensDen, @PensArmy_, @FranjiPensPress, and @ ZackMorris82 discuss some of the things that really engineered our Stanley Cup Championship run. Reviewing GMJR by @ZackMorris82 ​Prior to the conclusion of the season, I was assigned to write about Jim Rutherford … Continue reading Penguins Twitter Roundtable: Season In Review