Monday Morning Thoughts: Not Pleased With Hagelin

So I’ve decided that every Monday morning, I will put out a weekly series giving my takes on the Penguins with some opinions. Starting next week, I’ll also address some tweets I find throughout the week regarding the Penguins. I hope to have a staff member or two helping me and giving their tales weekly as well. – Of course, Carl Hagelin is one of … Continue reading Monday Morning Thoughts: Not Pleased With Hagelin

Pride, Passion, Pittsburgh…Penguins?

For those of you who love Pittsburgh’s baseball team, I apologize. This phrase doesn’t really apply to your team anymore. This really applies to Pittsburgh’s hockey team. The one at the ‘Paint Can’ on 1001 Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh. In a game where all hope seemed further than than the distance between California and Pennsylvania, a few players poked there heads out and did some … Continue reading Pride, Passion, Pittsburgh…Penguins?

2016 Penguins Preview: Defenseman

I feel it. You can feel it. The electricity is in the air from the Pittsburgh Penguins’ transition into the upcoming title defense season. How can you defend a Cup without you’re defense? It’s nearly impossible to retain a whole defensive core for consecutive seasons without players seeking a raise in pay with another team. It’s even harder to return the entire defensive core after … Continue reading 2016 Penguins Preview: Defenseman

Depth Is More Than Just Perception In An Ever Changing Game

It’s 2016. The style of hockey played today is different than the style played a short seven years ago, the Penguins last Stanley Cup in 2009. But this years Penguins team isn’t the only team getting help from more than just their stars. A shutdown pair in that season would’ve included Hal Gill and Rob Scuderi, physical defenseman who couldn’t move the puck one iota. … Continue reading Depth Is More Than Just Perception In An Ever Changing Game

RECAP: Pens vs. Caps Round 2

The Pittsburgh Penguins are headed to the Eastern Conference Finals to face the Tampa Bay Lightning. What seemed so improbable a short five months ago has become a seemingly unbelievable reality. The Penguins overcame the Capitals in probably one of the most highly entertaining playoff series’ the Penguins have played in recent memory. This article will entail many different observations, good and bad, that I … Continue reading RECAP: Pens vs. Caps Round 2