BREAKING: Penguins Trade Derrick Pouliot

The Pittsburgh Penguins have ended the Derrick Pouliot experiment. The former 8th overall pick in the 2012 NHL Draft was traded to the Vancouver Canucks for defenseman Andrey Pedan and a fourth round pick. After years of giving Pouliot a chance, the young defenseman was never able to materialize as the offensive threat that he was projected out of his junior league team. In 67 career … Continue reading BREAKING: Penguins Trade Derrick Pouliot

Derrick Pouliot Should Get A Chance

Reading this title may have given many of you a few aneurisms. By now, the Penguins have given defenseman Derrick Pouliot ample chance to prove himself at the NHL level, right? To be quite honest, I don’t think he’s been given ample chances. Sure, he’s been up and down from the AHL to the NHL and back again multiple times. It seems that anytime Pouliot makes … Continue reading Derrick Pouliot Should Get A Chance

Crunch Time For Derrick Pouliot

It’s put-up-or-shut-up time for Penguins defenseman Derrick Pouliot. After an injury to star defenseman Kris Letang, the Penguins recalled Pouliot to be the next defenseman up. With Steven Oleksy the current seventh guy on the roster it’s quite likely they could use Oleksy as opposed to Pouliot. The Penguins have wanted a chance for Pouliot to play for a while and this may be it. … Continue reading Crunch Time For Derrick Pouliot

Pride, Passion, Pittsburgh…Penguins?

For those of you who love Pittsburgh’s baseball team, I apologize. This phrase doesn’t really apply to your team anymore. This really applies to Pittsburgh’s hockey team. The one at the ‘Paint Can’ on 1001 Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh. In a game where all hope seemed further than than the distance between California and Pennsylvania, a few players poked there heads out and did some … Continue reading Pride, Passion, Pittsburgh…Penguins?

Penguins Preseason Q&A

 Hello, Pens fans! We are back for the 2016-’17 season and it’s going to be a great title defense. Without further ado, here are your questions answered below: Would the Pens benefit in the long run if they rested veterans periodically thru the holidays coming off the Cup run? — Michael O. Bruno (@mobruno215) September 28, 2016 I don’t think resting veterans is a … Continue reading Penguins Preseason Q&A

2016 Penguins Preview: Defenseman

I feel it. You can feel it. The electricity is in the air from the Pittsburgh Penguins’ transition into the upcoming title defense season. How can you defend a Cup without you’re defense? It’s nearly impossible to retain a whole defensive core for consecutive seasons without players seeking a raise in pay with another team. It’s even harder to return the entire defensive core after … Continue reading 2016 Penguins Preview: Defenseman