Player Grades: Brian Dumoulin

Regular Season Statline: 80 GP, 5 G, 13 A, 18 PTS, -5 Postseason Statline: 12 GP, 1 G, 6 A, 7 PTS, +3 Defining Moment: Spending all of 2018 with Letang For me, it’s tough to pinpoint that single defining moment for defenseman Brian Dumoulin this past season and that is actually a good thing. Dumoulin has emerged as one of the better defensive defensemen in hockey but … Continue reading Player Grades: Brian Dumoulin

Dealing with the Tom Wilson no suspension: A Penguins fan guide

Tom Wilson has avoided suspension after taking Brian Dumoulin out of Game Two with a head shot that went unpunished. As the Pittsburgh Penguins venture onto the ice for Game three to take on the Washington Capitals, you venture onto social media to take on their fans. With the series tied 1-1 and tensions already reaching a boiling point, here are Four things to keep … Continue reading Dealing with the Tom Wilson no suspension: A Penguins fan guide

Added offense has furthered Dumoulin’s worth

The Penguins don’t have much of an offensively inclined blue line. Obviously Kris Letang is one of the most offensively inclined defensemen in the NHL. Justin Schultz was a huge boost to the offensive blue line when he was acquired a few short years ago. One name that doesn’t come to mind when you’re thinking offense is Brian Dumoulin. Dumoulin has seemed to try and change that notion a … Continue reading Added offense has furthered Dumoulin’s worth

Is Trading Letang Actually A Good Thing?

Before I get into my point, I want to make a public disclaimer: I am not necessarily on the “trade Letang” bandwagon. So if you tweet at me claiming I am stupid for wanting to get rid of Letang, I will not respond because it is clear you only read the title. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, is trading Letang something … Continue reading Is Trading Letang Actually A Good Thing?

Pens Sign Brian Dumoulin to Six Year Extension

The Pittsburgh Penguins have signed standout defensemen Brian Dumoulin to a brand new 6 year contract. The deal comes just a few weeks before the arbitration meeting that would have taken place; meaning that the Penguins avoid arbitration and have locked up Dumo long term. What the Deal Is The 6 year deal carries an average cap hit of 4.1 million dollars and is reportedly … Continue reading Pens Sign Brian Dumoulin to Six Year Extension

Unsung Heroes

Overtime, Game 7; these are the games as hockey fans we love. Thursday night, the Penguins defeated the Senators 3-2 in double overtime to clinch their bid to the Stanley Cup Finals vs the Nashville Predators. The game winning goal coming from 37-year-old Chris Kunitz, which was his second goal of the night. This entire playoff, and regular season has been filled with unsung heroes. … Continue reading Unsung Heroes

Player Safety Certainly An Issue

Sidney Crosby is on fire. The haters are running out of ideas so they’ve recycled the statement that Crosby is protected by the league. I already debunked that with video evidence on this site earlier this season, but Sid isn’t the only one the NHL is failing this year. Boarding in my opinion has become the penaltie du jour among hitters who don’t want to … Continue reading Player Safety Certainly An Issue