Former Penguins can’t help current team

Shut up about the Vegas Golden Knights.

Not about the great story of an expansion team reaching excellence on the rest of the league’s mistakes. Tell that to everybody – it’s awesome.

No, stopping bringing up the former Penguins on that team like they could be the savior to all our problems.

“Fleury would have saved that”.

“Wilson wouldn’t be running around like a spineless neanderthal if Reaves were around”.


It’s stupid, pointless, and just annoying as hell.

Marc-Andre Fleury was a fantastic goaltender for the Penguins and is playing the best hockey of his career for the Knights.

But the Penguins made the right choice.

Get over it.

Ryan Reaves is one of the baddest dudes to ever play in the NHL and he’s an awesome guy as shown by his immediate connection with the Penguins locker room and Pittsburgh as a whole.

But he isn’t a good enough skater to play in the playoffs, let alone in one of the quickest systems in the NHL.

The only players that matter to this team are the players on this roster right now.

Looking back helps no one at all.

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