Comparing Crosby and McDavid’s beginnings

Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid are the NHL’s two biggest stars right now. People always debate as to who is better, Sid or Connor. As McDavid goes more and more into his career, this allows for us to compare more. McDavid has played for 3 years in the NHL, so this is what will be compared.

Statistically, Crosby has a slight advantage over McDavid. In 213 games (three seasons), Crosby had 99 goals and 294 points. This amounts to a 1.38 point-per-game percentage. Through McDavid’s first 209 games (3 seasons), he has 87 goals and 256 points. This amounts to a 1.22 point-per-game percentage. Both have run into injury as Crosby missed 33 games and McDavid missed 37 games in that span.
Award wise, Crosby had a Hart Memorial Trophy, a Ted Lindsay Award, and an Art Ross in that span. Although the NHL Awards haven’t happened yet this year, McDavid has 2 Art Ross trophies, a Ted Lindsay, and a Hart Memorial. McDavid has a slight advantage in that aspect, as he has one more Art Ross in that span.

In Crosby’s first three seasons, he made the playoffs twice. The first year the Penguins missed, the second they got bounced in the first round by the Senators, and the third year they made the Stanley Cup Finals and lost to Detroit. Crosby had 32 points in 25 games in that span. That amounts to a 1.28 point-per-game average. McDavid made the playoffs once in his first year, losing in the second round to the Ducks in the 2017 playoffs. He has 9 points in 13 playoff games played. That amounts to a 0.69 point-per-game average.

The debate of the title of “best in the world” will be debated for years and years between these two. While these years go by, the best thing we can do is sit back and appreciate these players while we still have them.

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