Humboldt Broncos tragedy receives inconceivable support

Just a few short days ago, the hockey world was struck with tragedy. The bus of the Humboldt Broncos, a Junior A hockey team in Saskatchewan, Canada with players from the ages of 16-21, was involved in a fatal accident with a semi-tractor trailer that resulted in 15 deaths and many of them being the players. The terrible event has brought out the best in the hockey community, with players and fans showing their support with emotional and beautiful tributes.

The Winnipeg Jets honored the deceased at their final home game against the Chicago Blackhawks with a pre-game ceremony with the players wearing jerseys with the name “Broncos” on the nameplate. The players stood around center ice for a moment of silence with the crowd’s participation. The team also donated the money from the 50/50 raffle to the support of the team. A resident from Humboldt started a gofundme page to benefit the team and all of the events surrounding it to unfold. As of today, the gofundme page has reached of $8 million in donations in under three days. Westjet has offered to fund flights for the families of the deceased to get out to Saskatchewan.

As the internet does in today’s age, they came up with a way for everyone to show their support without having to donate money. In Canada and the United States, hockey players alike put their hockey sticks outside for the night, just in case the boys needed it wherever they are. It truly is times like this that show the beauty of the sports community and helps transcends the exposure tragedies like this need to get the attention that they deserve.

The link for the gofundme is:

And please put your hockey sticks outside tonight with a candle and post the picture online using the many hashtags in support of Humboldt.

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