Poke the bear!

The Russian bear has been poked from some controversy that a Russian reporter wrote about the KHL. Little is known about the KHL when it comes to hockey fans except for the fact the Russian players go over there and other lower level talents.

Notable players such as Ilya Kovalchuk, Pavel Datsyuk, Slava Voynov and Andrei Markov to just name a few. Many of these notable players went to Russia because they missed home, couldn’t get a good contract in the NHL or got in trouble for violating the NHL rules.

The KHL currently has 27 teams (most in Russia) spanning over 7 countries from eastern Europe to Asia. But the main teams that are consistently good reside in Russia. These two teams are the SKA and the CSKA. These two stand for basically the same thing but with minor differences. The CSKA stands for “Central Sports Club of the Army” when translated into English. SKA stands for ” Sports Club of the Army”. CSKA is located in Moscow and SKA is located in St. Petersburg.

These two teams are always dominant and always the favorites to win year in and year out. Not because the way they draft or because they’re geniuses but because they cheat. When it comes to this league there are rules. It has a salary cap like the NHL has. But these two teams listed above do not follow this salary cap. They spend 6 times the salary cap. So to put in terms for Pittsburghers to understand the other teams are like the Pirates but actually can’t spend the money and these two teams are the Red Sox and Yankees.

Now how do we know this? Well that’s a good question. A Russian hockey reporter by the name of Slava Malamud wrote about it in a 21 part Twitter thread which you can read word for word here https://twitter.com/SlavaMalamud/status/971595788315918336?s=19

The thread goes through evidence such as an obvious offside call that should have negated a goal but didn’t. The video proof shows that the play was clearly offside and the goal should not have counted. But why would the league allow this to happen?

Well as for the other teams allowing this to happen….that’s still a mystery. But Russian President Vladimir Putin owns SKA. He is in a election year and hockey is very influential over in Russia. If they win then he looks really good after winning the gold at the winter games and adding a KHL championship.

The Russians have been preparing for the winter Olympics to win gold in the men’s tournament since they lost to the Americans in the 1980 games. The Russians knew going into these Olympics they had a great shot at gold. They won as the Olympic Athletes from Russia so technically the Russians are still searching for gold.

But I bring this up because this Russian team has been preparing for these Olympics for a long time. Many of these Russian players have been playing together for a very long time. They are mostly on the SKA or the CSKA and have been forming great chemistry on the ice. Both teams got former great NHL players.

But anyways let’s get to the story that was reporter by Slava. He reports that every team understands that SKA will win this year. Every team knows and it’s not really even hidden from the public or media. No one really seems to care that this is going on. North American players that now play in the KHL describe the league as “the abnormal being the normal”.

This league is extremely corrupt and unfavorable to the teams and players. Unless you’re on the SKA or CSKA odds are you are not making much money. The league is highly unfavored and not very honorable to put it nicely. It’s a concern that players and even a league would be ok to lose or win without earning it.

It is very disgraceful that a league with future NHL hall of famers would not mind this. The legacy that Kovalchuck and Datsyuk left in the NHL is now tarnished. To play for a cheating team and not speak out against it is unfathomable. These two are amazing players and would win a lot on their own without cheating so why add cheating. Just so the President can look good during his next election.

The KHL always has in mind what’s best for business. But in this case they say for the “motherlands honor”. That’s one of the craziest things I have ever heard. If this league had any honor then they would play fairly and play to win. The Penguins won back to back cups because they were the best team on the ice.

The Penguins are a hard working and fearless team. They play smart, work hard and most importantly play with honor. Our Russian (Geno) plays with honor and so does the rest of the NHL. Well except for a few goons in the league I suppose. But at least those goons don’t cheat the league.

You put the Penguins verses SKA and CSKA or the best players from the KHL combined, the Penguins are gonna win that series over and over. The KHL is not even a league, they are a corrupt place were hockey happens. Thank God for the NHL or this would be the only hockey around. Actually there’s the European leagues which are not cheaters. So there’s always them. A loser that lost fairly is a lot better then a winner that cheats.

The KHL has some great players and talent. It’s a real shame that they’re wasting that talent because otherwise they might have a real goldmine on their hands. They have all of Asia and all of Eastern Europe to expand into. They already have 27 teams and if they treated each team fairly then not only could the KHL grow but the sport of hockey could to.

The KHL is nothing more then a Russian parade. A parade full of rejects mixed in with some talent that will eventually come back to the NHL one day. Once these players get tired of the same old boring and cheating league they will realize they want what every hockey player wants….The Stanley Cup.

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