Olympic hockey update

The Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea are in full swing. Both men’s and women’s hockey for Team USA have played games. And both have mixed results. The women’s team has lived up to expectations as usual. Now the men’s team well…. not so much success.

The men’s team went into these Olympics with no real expectations with no NHL players competing in them. But they are who they are and who they are is a competitive team that’ll challenge for a medal. After the 4-0 loss to the gold medal favorite Russians, a medal seems like a tough task. But this team seems resilient and a defensive team.

They’re not gonna wow you on offense but with the men’s tournament wide open it’s possible a medal could be gained by USA. Time will only tell if they can finish strong.

The men’s team is gonna need to go the long way when it comes to achieving what they want to. They’re gonna fight tooth and nail through rounds of grueling playoff like hockey. They’ll verse more rested teams and have to overcome a lot of adversity.

With young talent and some veteran depth fans should be carefully optimistic. If their defense holds other teams to 2 goals per game like they have been for most of the tournament then their chances should be strong.

Now onto the main attraction the ladies for USA hockey. They are coming off a Silver medal from the 2014 Olympic games after falling to Canada.

USA has its star studded lineup once again and have been dominant thus far in the competition. Even though they lost 1 game (to Canada 2-1) they have dominated when it’s come to play. They have out shot their opponents and used their speed very effectively.

It’s expected for another USA vs Canada in the gold medal game. If USA plays like they did last time I don’t expect them to leave that building without anything but gold. They’re driven and motivated to get that gold and beat Canada for once. That is gonna be a must watch game.

Let’s not forget Phil Kessel’s sister Amanda is on the team so team USA is easy to root for if they were not already. Phil Kessel is a 2 time Stanley Cup Champion and I think it’s time his sister Amanda can call herself an Olympic champion.

These ladies should be able to get a Silver at the very least if they play up to their potential. But upsets happen and maybe they get upset or Canada never makes it to the golden game. But team USA should succeed and they seem to be the best team in the tournament so a gold should be a realistic possibility.

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