Trade Target: Jean-Gabriel Pageau

Elliotte Friedman said recently on SportsNet “Think that the Penguins are one team that is looking hard at [JG] Pageau and it would make a lot of sense“.

This would be a great addition and immediate solution to the Penguins’ 3rd line center woes. With these recent rumors (by a reliable source) comes with the question, who is Pageau?

Pageau is 25-years old and carries a cap hit of $3.1 million AAV for the rest of this season and two seasons following that. That’s a great price for a producing third line center that still can grow his game. Also it allows you to sure up that center depth for at least another 2 years after this season.

He is currently in Ottawa and his name should sound familiar to Pens fans. He played in last year’s Eastern Conference Finals. In last year’s playoffs, he had 8 goals and 2 assists in 19 games. That is great production for center depth.

He’s been struggling this season after getting 43 points two seasons ago. He currently has 15 points in 42 games. His faceoff percentage hasn’t lacked this season with it currently at 53%. But the lack of offensive contributes to the whole Senators team struggling this season.

He would be a great change of scenery guy. The change of scenery could help his production change for the better by joining a surging Penguins team.

Adding a young piece like Pageau with control of his reasonable cap hit would be huge for the Pens. How much would it cost? Well that’s a great question.

No one knows except for the general managers making the trade calls. But the Pens will make a offer for sure if the Senators have Pageau available. With Rutherford liking to make trades earlier then the deadline, a trade could happen within the coming weeks. The deadline is February 26 so this time next month will be full of speculation and non-stop rumors.

The Penguins should be and odds are will be highly active during this month when it comes to trades. They need a 3rd line center and some more depth for the team. Rutherford has lots to do in order to make this team real contenders to three peat. Rutherford will make moves that’s for sure, let’s just hope Pageau is one of them during this time of solving that puzzle that each one of these 31 teams are trying to do.

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