Pens Right Where They Want To Be

The Pittsburgh Penguins are a concern right now when it comes to their play but looking back to previous years they are on track for another great run.

There are several things to support this thought. One is just looking back at the standings and stats of the team and players. The standings are basically the same as last year and close to the 2015-2016 start.

When you look at the numbers up to the games played up to this point they are extremely similar. In the 2015-2016 season the Pens had 28 points through November which isn’t a impressive number at all and was the lowest in the three seasons thus far.

The 2016-2017 season had some more success but still only finished November with 29 points. It is only 1 point more then their previous year in which they won the cup.

Now moving onto this season where they haven’t finished November entirely when writing this article. But as of today they have 25 points but assuming that they win another game or so then that number goes to 27 points. So even though it might not seem that the Pens are in a great situation don’t forget that they’ve been here before. And in those situations they’ve won back to back cups.

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