Three Takeaways: Penguins Beat Oilers, 2-1 in OT

The Penguins defeated the Edmonton Oilers, 2–1 in overtime. Their record is now 6-3-1. Here are the Three Takeaway’s.

Do More Dumo

I’d be remissed if I didn’t compliment Brian Dumoulin for having his best game of the season thus far. He saw Oilers star forward Connor McDavid on multiple occasions and did nothing but play sound hockey against him throughout the game Tuesday night. In the crazy sequence during the second period after Matt Murray‘s ridiculous paddle save, Dumoulin laid down and deflected a McDavid shot, that was easily headed for the yawning cage, into the crowd. After being paid a hefty price this offseason to stick around for the long haul, Dumoulin had been just average to start the season. Tuesday night’s game was nothing short of fabulous. He looked like the guy who got paid over the summer.

Goaltending Battles Are Fun

I am pro-goalie battles on most nights. It is especially fun when tons of high quality shots are getting turned away. Murray and Oilers goaltender Cam Talbot traded huge saves to keep their team in the game. Lots of people are opposed to such low-scoring games, but that was one of the best 2-1 games I’ve ever watched. The goalies stole the storyline as we all know that the true narrative to this game was…

Crosby vs. McDavid

Sidney Crosby vs. McDavid was obviously the matchup going in. McDavid got a goal late in the game to break Murray’s shutout and tie the game which forced overtime. Crosby wasn’t as active on the scoresheet but still made some very nice passes to his linemates and helped the puck movement immensely on the powerplay. Big win for the Penguins. Lots of fun for the NHL.

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