The Problem With Wilkes-Barre/Scranton’s Goal Song

Goal songs are an important part of hockey. They create a Pavlovian response in fans to scream, high five, fist pump or do whatever they do when a goal is scored. In the NHL, several of them are well known. Chicago uses Chelsea Dagger and the Penguins have gained prominence for using the Andrew WK song ‘Party Hard’. This has translated down to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, who adopted the use of Party Hard for every other goal.

However, the song for the remaining half of goals is the purpose of this article. Gary Glitter’s ‘Rock and Roll Part 2’ is a song that gained much popularity, even spending time as the Penguins goal song in the middle 1990s. No one can fault a team for using the song at this time, as it was a popular song that had become synonymous with moments of success in sports.

However, to this day, the WBS Penguins use Gary Glitter’s song as a goal song. This is a problem.

In 1999, Gary Glitter was convicted of possessing child pornography in the UK and in 2006, was convicted of child sexual abuse in Vietnam. These convictions led to the NFL telling teams to avoid using the song (Source) due to the negative attention the potential use of the song received during an NFL International Series game played in London.

Despite the negative attention received by the NFL, WBS persists on using this song.

A 20 year old Wilkes-Barre local, Brandon Povilitus, feels passionately about WBS’ use of the song. His passion has led to him creating a petition which can be found here, and he made the following comments.

Last season, the team used “Rock & Roll, Part 2,” something I have contacted WBS about repeatedly, given his disgusting criminal record. This is something I feel incredibly passionate about, given that they are my hometown team, and they were the only team left in the AHL and NHL to use this man’s song. There’s been too many sexual assault scandals within the hockey community lately, and I think it’s important to kill that stigma completely, by ceasing to use Mr. Glitter’s art in our arena.

I received an email from the team on the 7th of August, saying that they haven’t chosen a goal song for the season yet. If the persistence with this movement is strong enough, we can change this goal song together.

Brandon also went one step further, creating a potential solution for WBS to use as their goal song called “New Frontier”.

Brandon went on to say.

If anyone wants to join me on this mission, be sure to send the team the video link, as well as the hashtag “#NewFrontier.” Or, you can contact me via Twitter (@povilitus), and ask how you can get involved. I’m tired of seeing so much negativity in the world, so I want to help make a positive change. Together, we can all do this. We can all enter a New Frontier together.

The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins were reached for comment on their use of a Gary Glitter song, but did not return emails.

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