Phil Kessel Never Lets Us Down

Nice guy, tries hard, loves the game.

There’s only a rare few number of athletes who universally have the acceptance of love from all fan bases. Anytime they do something or take a picture, the masses smile and laugh in enjoyment of said person.

I’m talking the JR Smith‘s and Rob Gronkowski‘s of the world. Thankfully for us, Phil Kessel is one of these people. I’m so happy he’s a Penguin.

Going years back, Phil captured this glorious comical look when taking photos and not even purposely trying, you’ve seen them over the years. Kessel is the 8th wonder of the world. Death, taxes, and phenomenal Kessel photos.

Well, Kessel was at his best once again taking over the internet. As the great podcast “Pardon My Take” would say, Kings stay Kings:

Man, he never disappoints. Playing along to the hot dog folk tale legend, being a great sport about it. Obviously the story of Kessel and the dogs are overblown by now, but Phil knows how to have fun with it. Amazing, just amazing, the true face and pulse of hockey. Just some links and dogs, doing it his way.

I can’t think of a better way to spend the day with the Cup than some American classics and a beautiful day of golf. How can you not smile when seeing Kessel do anything? Look at that smile, the guy is in heaven.

The legend continues, a present that we take for granted, entertainment after entertainment after entertainment. He’s the best……….and a 2 time Stanley Cup champion.

All together now, 1 more time as loud as you can:

Nice guy, Tries Hard, Loves the Game

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