Offseason Player Grades: Carl Hagelin

2016-17 Regular Season

61 GP, 6 G, 16 A, 22 PTS, +10, 16 PIM

2016-17 Playoffs

15 GP, 2 G, 0 A, 2 PTS, -2, 19 PIM

Player Grade (C-)

This is the worst season Carl Hagelin has ever had, statistically. On top of having his worst ever recorded season, Hagelin made the poor decision to block a shot on March 8 in a game where the Pens were up 6-3. The shot caused him to break his fibula. He then decided to play on his broken leg the next game two days later. He didn’t return until the Washington series and didn’t really show up like we all expected. He was faster than most players on any team, but slower than Carl Hagelin should be. He didn’t really do anything to hurt the team, but he didn’t do much to help it either. If he were able to finish out the regular season, uninjured, his impact on the team would have been much greater. I blame the improper care of the injury for the lack of his production this postseason, which he has also claimed himself, and his inability to step his game up to where it should have been.

Season Review/Preview

Overall, Hagelin didn’t do anything exceptional this season except be fast and have nice hair. He sadly just wasn’t on top of it. One of his highlighting moments, though, was scoring the empty-netter in the Stanley Cup clinching game. For next season, I expect him to have more points per game, as he had .36 points per game for the 2016-17 season. I also expect him to work on getting his speed back up to par. All this is if GMJR decides to keep Hagelin into the 2017-18 season.

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