Offseason Player Grades: Trevor Daley

Regular Season Statistics

GP 56, G 5, A 14, PTS 19, +7, PIM 37

Playoffs Statistics

GP 21, G 1, A 4, PTS 5, +7, PIM 24

Player Grade: (A-)

The minus comes because Trevor Daley produced less points this season compared to the 15/16 season while playing in three more games. However, for me put to the task of what needed to be done without Kris Letang for a large portion of the season and playoffs, by this D-core, it’s hard not to give them all A’s. Daley was tasked with playing alongside Olli Maatta who, at times, was not having his best of playoff series/games. Daley did everything in his power to be defensive first when coming back from injuries. While that was what was best for the team, his point production suffered for it. The end result, however, was worth it.


Daley was tasked with replacing Ben Lovejoy‘s minutes, more specifically on the penalty kill. In doing so, Daley raised his shot blocking total to 83 while averaging 1.48 blocks per game. The more defensive role was slightly new to Daley. Many of his highlight throughout the season were defensive minded plays, blocked shots, and clearing rebounds. However, when given the opportunity Daley possesses excellent skating ability and a heavy and accurate shot from the point. Daley displayed his shot several times and most notably in the game 5 rout of the Ottawa Senators in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. In doing so, Daley was a part of the resurgence of the Penguins power play. Trevor Daley’s abilities allow him to take on many roles in what was a very depleted defensive unit during parts of the season and playoffs.


Daley took a contract with the Detroit Red Wings to play a similar role with them. If Daley can stay healthy and not suffer any more lower body injuries as he has the past two seasons, I expect Daley could have a career high in points.


Daley and the rest of the defensive core minus Letang are highly underrated as individuals. However, as we have seen from Daley these past two seasons, sometimes a player just needs to be in the right system from them to fit. Daley has thrived in the Penguins system and without a doubt will continue to do so. Daley’s hard work and willingness to move the puck help him out in that regard.

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