Can The Penguins Figure Out The Trap?

After the Pens frustrating loss in game 1, fans are getting fired up.

Ottawa played well defensively and were opportunistic in their scoring. Their type of game is extremely frustrating to their opponents. But the question is how do the Pens not only win but excell against this trap defense? 

Well the Pens are already close to beating this trap defense. They have to just do simple things to adjust their game plan.

The two major issues from game one were turnovers and shooting. Turnovers happen but it seemed that these two issues went hand and hand. When the Pens would enter their zone, they would make a bad pass into traffic instead of shooting the puck. You fix this by watching tape and giving the players the correct mindset.

I believe Mike Sullivan will do this and figure out the Ottawa defense.

If the Pens learn to shoot the puck more with a dump and chase mentality then they will be fine. Just look how successful Matt Cullen‘s line was. And that is because of the dump and chase they were doing. The Penguins need to use this to their advantage.

The last thing they need to do is keep a level head.

With all of their great chances last night they need to stay focused and goals will come to them. Just stay focused and play the game one shift at a time. Focus on the shift your on and not the one you just played or going to play soon.

If the Pens stay focused, get clean entries, and shoot the puck with bodies on the front then the goals will come. So Pens fans don’t be concerned yet and be cognizant of this teams bounce back ability.

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