Penguins Pass The Adversity Test

It’s not all gonna be rainbows and sunny days out there ladies and gentleman.

While it may have looked like that so far being up 3-0, it’s still definitely not over until that 4th win has been had. It was nice though for the Penguins to face a little adversity in how they came about winning game 3 in Columbus.

The playoffs are horrendously rough at times, if you don’t think so just take a look at Zach Wewrenki’s face after he blocked Phil Kessel’s shot.

Games 1 and 2 weren’t a breeze but they for sure weren’t the toughest battles that have been fought out there on the ice. There will be tougher paths ahead, sometimes when the plans been to nice for you, its tough to find your game again after you get punched in the mouth. Finally faced with the slightest of adversity, the Pens showed that they know how to surpass that and not tail into negatives.

That opening punch happened 11 seconds into the game. The Penguins tied it up shortly after: That’s adversity.

Down 3-1 after the 1st with a rocking building abundantly against them, they were all square at 3 one the 2nd period horn sounded. That’s passing a test of adversity.

Even when grabbing the lead an unfortunate bounce that should have been a stoppage play lead to the Blue Jackets tying it up did they crumble? No, in fact the youngest of talent on this team lead them through.

The start of the series was wonderful but that’s not how playoff hockey goes, it’s just not. Pittsburgh wasn’t behind in the score until 3 games, but the Penguins now know that any lead is able to come back.

Not every matchup will go there way, people will struggle and puck luck won’t be in their corner all the time. You gotta learn how to roll with the punches and overcome difficult flurries, the Pens showed that last game and I think that won’t be the last we see their resiliency.

The Penguins can gut it out anywhere and get the garbage dirty goals. Though they’re a team that can make highlights, not every goal will be sexy. Numerous guys will need to be the hero 1 night make a positive impact, we viewed this with a Jake Guentzel hat trick.

Willingness to win and put in all you have leads to the victory of attrition, I’m talking Marc-Andre Fluery making head saves and Bryan Rust continuing playoff acceleration of the largest level. Everyone player on the roster has it in them.

Test 1 of adversity was passed but were only on the opening page, there is more. Now they to show a killer mentality and put away Columbus now. The Pens have their hands around the opponent’s throats now you just have to crush it and send them on their way. Like Kevin Nealon’s character talking to Happy Gilmore, “you’re almost there, now just put the ball in it’s home”. The Penguins could always use rest, how sweep would it be to get that by winning now in the 4th game.

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