What Penguins Would Be Good At Baseball?

It’s my favorite time of year. The NHL’s regular season/playoffs intertwine with he beginning of baseball season. Hopefully, some “Bucs and Pucks” will be happening on ROOT Sports over the remainder of hockey season.

For once, I take a step back from serious Penguins coverage for a more fun article.

Have you ever wondered which players could be good athletes in another sport? What could LeBron James have done if he decided to play in the NFL? Where would Jeff Samardzija be if he didn’t pitch in the MLB and stayed the course of football? Of course, this begs the question of what Penguins could be good in certain areas of baseball?

Let’s have some fun, shall we?

Best Hitter: Sidney Crosby

If you’ve never watched Sidney Crosby play ice hockey, then you wouldn’t be able to gather that he’d be a good hitter in the MLB.

Crosby has scored some spectacular goals that required hand-eye coordination baseball hacks.

Like this one…

Or this one…

Everyone remembers when Brandon Dubinsky of the Columbus Blue Jackets laid down a hard bunt against Crosby…

This is impressive and all. But what if Sidney Crosby actually took batting practice at PNC Park and hit a home run over the Clemente Wall in right field?

Oh wait…

Unfreakingbelievable. The man can do it all.

Best Pitcher: Tom Sestito

Unfortunately, there isn’t video proof of Sestito actually pitching for this one. It’s based more upon mentality and personality.

Sestito reminds me a lot of former Pirate A.J. Burnett. He is very easily fired up and isn’t scared of anyone.

Burnett once told someone to STFD…

Sestito didn’t use those exact words, but did something eerily similar…

There are tweets that follow the incident. You can find those yourself if you’re interested.

If Sestito can throw a ball as well as he can throw fists, he could succeed as an MLB pitcher.

Better Catcher: Marc-Andre Fleury

To be an MLB catcher, you’ve got to have a swift glove (sorry Matt Murray).

Marc-Andre Fleury’s glove hand would win him this competition.

Although, being squared up when a ball bounces in the dirt is something that is vitale as well. Murray fits that description a little bit better.

Best Outfielder: Carl Hagelin

Hagelin reminds me a lot of Starling Marte.

He’s fast and can motor down any puck/ball that most players couldn’t get to.

His speed and ability to quickly think make him a good candidate to be the best outfielder the Penguins have.

He’s just got to be very careful to avoid the outfield collision…

Best Baseball Coach: Mike Sullivan

There isn’t even a question to this.

Mike Sullivan knows the game of hockey as well as anyone. Of course, he’d be a great baseball coach.

Baseball is a game of strategy and there may not be anyone better in the league at strategic thinking than Sullivan.

Two outs, bottom of the ninth inning and your best hitter is due up but has a tight hamstring. Do you let him hit or send in the pinch hitter who is 0-for-10 lifetime against the pitcher? Sullivan would make the right decision.

Best Front Office Head: Anyone

Let’s be real here: anyone can run a front office better than those morons the Pirates have.

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