Will Injuries Hamper The Pens’ Chances?

The Penguins are again bitten by the injury bug.

It seems year after year the Penguins must overcome these injuries. But it’s even worse this year after stars like Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang have been out longer term.

Now with depth almost not there, how do the Pens overcome the injuries? Well that’s the question to be answered. The Penguins can also be lucking out with this amount of injuries, which could catapult them to back to back championships. And here’s how.

All of the current injuries are expected to be healed up by playoff time. With Letang and Malkin well rested, they could energize the team. Also if the Sid and the Kids line come back where they left off then they’ll be the most dangerous line in the league.

With Nick Bonino heating up as we head down the stretch and Carl Hagelin coming back before playoffs then the HBK line shall be excellent again.

The bottom line is still playing well even though they’re injured.

Cullen has been playing very well and some could argue better than he did last year.

This team is going to be an offensive powerhouse when the injuries are all healed. And I don’t believe they’ll be rusty when they return but rather rested.

The defense on the other hand will be getting Trevor Daley, Olli Maatta, and Letang back, which they’ll be well rested and ready to go. With these key defenseman coming back, they’ll add great depth and much needed help on the powerplay. 

As you can see the Pens aren’t in that much trouble when it comes to the playoffs. They’re adding experience to the young players from the Baby Pens. But when the playoffs come around they’ll be rested and ready for another title run. So all of these injuries could just be a great thing for the team. 

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