Stadium Series: Good or Bad?

Our Austin Ulm and Ryan Pawloski debate whether or not the Stadium Series is a good thing or getting old.

Pros of the Stadium Series (Ryan P)

The Stadium Series was last Saturday, when the Penguins took on the Flyers. I’ve always wanted to go to an outdoor game ever since the first outdoor game when the Pens faced the Sabres.

I luckily got a chance to go down to Hienz field in the freezing cold weather to have an experience of a lifetime. The atmosphere was so cool with the snow coming down and the game itself.

The Pens and Flyers rivalry has always been a huge event, no matter the location. The outdoors added to this and created a great game.

The fans that were there, created a competitive atmosphere and the game followed that. The game itself was great and so were the fireworks.

But by far my favorite thing were the Penguins from the zoo that came out on the ice pregame. It was so cool to see that since the team hasn’t had actual living penguins cheer them on since they first started. It was one of the best sporting events I ever went to, and am extremely glad I went.

Cons of the Stadium Series (Austin)

The idea of the Stadium Series is a magnificent one. Who does not love outdoor hockey? Unfortunately the Stadium Series has not been all that great. Fans have voiced out about bad views, weather, and even the entertainment between periods. These are my top three complaints regarding the Stadium Series:

  • To begin, there have been so many Stadium Series games that the uniqueness of an outdoor game has been lost. I do not think that any Stadium Series game can ever live up to the excitement that the Winter Classic brings. Yes, they are both outdoor games, but there is just something special about the events that go along with the Winter Classic
  • Ticket Prices! The price for tickets started in the neighborhood of $150 per ticket. If I pay $150 for a ticket I would expect good seats, and a nice view of the game. Well, for a Stadium Series game $150 is not going to get you that. Lots of people have said the views for these outdoor games are not good, and often find themselves watching the game on the big screen.
  • GIVE US VARIETY! I love the Pittsburgh Penguins I do, but I think it’s time we take a break from outdoor games. As far as Stadium Series games, the Pens have played in two games, and have also played in two Winter Classic games. The Kings, Blackhawks, and the Rangers have also appeared in two Stadium Series games.

These Stadium Series games are fun to watch, and I truly believe they are good for the NHL, but the series is far from perfect. Between the number of games, ticket prices, and the teams involved it can leave a sour taste for NHL fans. Teams like the Blue Jackets, Predators, Jets, and Oilers have yet to appear in a Stadium Series game, and I hope to see some change in teams soon.

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