Who Starts The Stadium Series?

Who will start in goal for the Penguins? There seems to be two clear sides you can be on. Either a)you’re an emotional robot and want to win so you play Murray, or b)you’re a bleeding heart and sacrifice the game to let Fleury feel good about himself. It’s a tough choice, and I take…neither!

How about secret options c)enjoying the moment of watching a young kid realize a dream, playing his first outdoor spectacle in one of the league’s historically biggest rivalries in his “home” city, or d)realizing that dressing Fleury isn’t an automatic loss?

Emotion is a huge part of the game and there is the very real element of owing your franchise goalie a chance to play out his club career with a final hoorah. There’s nothing wrong with that. But the guy’s also picked up an NHL win or two.

There’s also the fact Murray appears to be the future and you count this as just another game in the schedule so you let him ride it, combined with letting this be some sort of symbolic passing of the torch.

Let’s throw another log on the fire here. On a list of of things that might surprise you, take a look at these numbers and tell me if you think there’s a clear shoe in to win this game…

Vs. Philadelphia Flyers:

  • Fleury career: 27-17-2, .900 sv%, 2.89 GAA.  2016-2017: 1-0-0, .905%, 4.00GAA
  • Murray career: 1-0-0, .951%, 1.51GAA. 2016-2017: N/A

At Home:

  • Fleury career: 221-104-32, .917%, 2.42GAA. 2016-2017: 12-2-1, .925%, 2.61GAA
  • Murray career: 16-3-3, .926%, 2.30.  2016-2017: 12-2-2, .927%, 2.31GAA

In February:

  • Fleury career: 52-27-14, .907%, 2.42GAA.  2016-2017: 2-0-1, .916%, 2.55GAA
  • Murray career: 4-1-2, .938%, 1.82GAA. 2016-2017: same

Vs. Eastern Conference:

  • Fleury career: 279-161-50, .910%, 2.64GAA.  2016-2017:10-4-2, .907%, 3.11GAA
  • Murray career: 23-8-2, .916%, 2.51GAA.  2016-2017: 15-6-1, .911%, 2.74GAA

Outdoor Games:

  • Fleury career: 1-1, .944%, 2.00GAA. 2016-2017: ?
  • Murray career: N/A. 2016-2017: ?

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