Hornqvist Leads Recent Scoring Charge

For a team that is known for its high flying, fast paced, and largely skilled movement, it’s also favorable to have a constant rock that a team can fall to. Patric Hornqvist is that frame of tranquil stability for the Pittsburgh Penguins. There’s nothing tranquil about how he plays, but it certainly eases the minds of players and at least Penguins fans.

It has come apparent through interpretations of player interviews that Hornqvist is 1 of the easiest teammates to play with because you know where he’s going to be. We all know his game, he parks right in front of the opposing net and jam pucks in or shoots from a pass close by. He grinds out shifts, and in a NHL where the enforcer is phasing out, Hornqvist takes the brunt of nasty hits to his head and body. The word gritty gets thrown out a lot, this guy fits that terminology.


Head coach Mike Sullivan has the privilege of being able to fit or place him with anyone on the roster. He’s been on the 1st line and the next game will be on the 3rd, it doesn’t matter where you put him, he mandates the same consistent offensive narrative. Whichever line he’s thrown on, Hornqvist is still producing at large levels.

The Swede has had the hot hand recently in games. Over the past 6 he’s recorded 5 goals and 2 multi goals performances, but most importantly has had numerous chances. Even in games he’s not scoring, he had a close shot at netting another 1. The Pens are hurt right now, key guys are out, but that hasn’t swayed the play of Hornqvist. It speaks to the reliability this team has in him, doesn’t matter if he’s with Eric Fehr or Nick Bonino, it’s for sure his high talent level of production will appear continually.

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