Most of Sidney Crosby’s Milestones Come on the Road

We all wanted Sidney Crosby to get 1,000 points at home Tuesday night against the Calgary Flames. Numerous Penguins fans all over social media were talking about it in jubilation because, for a guy of Sidney Crosby’s excellence and talent, scoring 3 points in a game seems almost as naturally routine as starting your day off with a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal. It would have been great to give him a loud ovation for his accomplishment but it just wasn’t in the cards.

Unfortunately as much as we all bellowed for it, Sid was held to just 1 point and 998 total. This means it is more than likely he will achieve that career accolade on the road (and also dads week!) against either Colorado or Arizona, damn. This got me to thinking that the biggest moments in Crosby’s career have all come while wearing the away sweater.

The other 2 of course were for the Stanley Cup trophy in 2009 and 2016, while Crosby’s 1st Cup took 7 games, the Pens had a chance last season to win it at their home arena (Consol Energy Center then, PPG Paints Arena now) in game 5 but ultimately needed game 6 to hoist it once again. Definitely makes it bittersweet, you obviously just are happy to win, but there’s a little extra zing to doing it on home ice.

Come to think of it, the only time Lord Stanley has been presented on Pittsburgh’s turf was when the Detroit Red Wings won it against the Pens in 2008. The 91′ and 92′ Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr led Pens also claimed their trophies on the road. Sure winning the Eastern Conference title in front of the fans on route to a Cup entrance like they did last year is fun, but not the same. All of the greatness of Sid is not in front of his fans, so of course he gets booed out the building each time. Their is 1 milestone Crosby did at home, his 1st career goal:

Maybe it’s because Alex Ovechkin got his 1,000th point at home and against the Pens, but I felt fans wanted it more than usual. MVP’s and scoring championship are won in the off season, this would have been a great way to thank Sid for all he has done. At least we got to cheer for him at the parades. Of course theres a great plausible chance Sid can grab another Cup before he hangs them up, or who knows, maybe he can get 2,000. There’s always Evgeni Malkin’s 1,000 pts in the soon to be close future! Something has to eventually happen at home.

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