Why the Pens Don’t Need Landeskog

​Let me just start off by saying Gabriel Landeskog is my 2nd favorite player in the whole league. I’d absolutely love more than anything to see him in a Penguins jersey… under the right circumstances. In this article, I’ll be breaking down the Penguins cap situation and how unlikely it would be for us to be a cup contender in the coming years.

Contracts that are up after this season:

Conor Sheary – Current Cap Hit = 667,000 X

Matt Cullen (probably retiring) Current Cap Hit = 1,000,000

Nick Bonino – Current Cap Hit = 1,900,000 X
Trevor Daley – Current Cap Hit = 3,300,000 X

Justin Shultz – Current Cap Hit = 1,400,000 X

Chris Kunitz – Current Cap Hit = 3,850,000

Steve Oleksy – Current Cap Hit = 575,000 X

Chad Ruhwedel – Current Cap Hit = 575,000 X

Cameron Gaunce – Current Cap Hit = 575,000

Brian Dumoulin – Current Cap Hit = 800,000 X

Derrick Pouliot – Current Cap Hit = 863,333 (X)

Oskar Sundqvist – Current Cap Hit = 703,833 X

Josh Archibald – Current Cap Hit = 659,167

Jean Sebastien Dea – Current Cap Hit = 593,333

Garrett Wilson – Current Cap Hit = 575,000

Tom Sestito – Current Cap Hit = 575,000 X

Stuart Percy – Current Cap Hit = 575,000

David Warsofsky – Current Cap Hit = 575,000 X

Danny Cristo – Current Cap Hit = 575,000

Tim Erixon – Current Cap Hit = 575,000

Kevin Porter – Current Cap Hit = 575,000

Current Projected Cap Hit = 77,000,000

As you can see, a huge chunk of our team/WBS are going to need contracts this offseason. Speaking hypothetically, if we didn’t sign any of these players we’d have 18,322,924 in cap space. The players with the X’s by their names indicated players I think should be resigned.

Conor Sheary has been an absolute monster and we’d be stupid to deal him. He deserves anywhere from 2-4 million but for time’s sake we’ll say 3 million. Putting the cap at 15,322,924.

Nick Bonino is a solid 3rd line center. He does his job and he’s pretty good at it. He’s not the biggest point getter but he’s pretty good in the faceoff circle and he shows up when it counts. He deserves a contract extension but not a raise. I’d pay him 2,000,000 at the most, which would put our cap to 13,322,924.

Matt Murray’s new contract kicks in next season with a cap hit of 3,750,000 which puts the cap at 9,572,924.

Trevor Daley has proven himself to be a top 4 d-man in every sense. He is stellar on defence and he racks up the points. In his prime in Dallas he signed a contract for 3.3 mil. I think he deserves 4 million putting the cap at 5,572,924.

It is absolutely imperative that we resign Justin Schultz. He has proven himself to be a top d-man this year. If you remember in the offseason, we weren’t going to sign him but now he is 5th in points among defensemen. He deserves anywhere from 2-5 million and a long term contract. For times sake we will say 3.5 million putting the cap at 2,072,924 with a bunch of players left to sign.

Dumo works so well with Letang so we have to keep him. Pay him the remaining salary. Now we run into a problem.

One solution that would work could be trading Pouliot and Mattaa for some picks. Let’s face it, Mattaa has been very bad defensively in the past two years and he is not worth his 4,083,000 cap hit. If we free up his cap space it gives us a little leeway to sign some of the minor players.

So say we go with my solution and free up the space, we have an extra 4 million to spend. Sign Sundqvist to an extension with the same amount of cap hit. Leaves us with 3,379,167.

Give Oleksy and Ruhwedel 750,000 each and we are left with 1,879,167. Give Sestito 500,000 and Warsofsky 1,000,000. This leaves us with 379,167.

Now let’s just say we did do the deal for Landeskog (Rust and Mattaa). Mattaa and Rust’s cap hit would equal 4,743,000 and Landeskog’s cap hit is 5.5 million leaving us with no space to sign the aforementioned players. I would get into the following year’s cap situation but that’s an even bigger mess. We need to invest in defense… it does win championships.

​In conclusion, it is not financially feasible for the Penguins to trade for Landeskog.


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