New Year, Same Sidney

Many people in America and in other parts of the world view the new year s a clean slate. A time to reset and better yourselves in the new year. For most, these goals called “new year’s resolutions” are never met or completed. Athletes, on the other hand don’t get to just “reset” at the beginning of the calendar year. The season continues on through the change of the final part of the date. So, these players must continue whatever they were doing this year. This isn’t to say that players can’t better themselves in the new year. They just can’t forget about what happened in the previous year.

A player that hopes to continue their 2016 success, is Penguins captain Sidney Crosby. Keep in mind that these stats are for the calendar year, not the 2016/17 season. They are also all accounted in the regular season, not including pre or post season.

In the year of 2016, Crosby led all NHL players in total points. That total would come out to be 100 points exactly. To put that into perspective, Crosby only played in 76 games. That isn’t even a full season. The closest player to him in points is Patrick Kane, 2015/16 Art Ross and Hart trophy winner. Who would score 13 less points in six less games. Crosby also led all players in total goals in the year. Netting 53 goals in those 76 games. Seven more than “best goal scorer in the NHL” Alex Ovechkin. That shouldn’t take a lot away from Ovi though, who has six more goals than the third place goal scorer, who might just surprise you. Third place would be held by Flyer Wayne Simmonds.

Besides his statistical achievements, he has gotten a little bit of hardware. Prior to the 2016/17 season he represented his home country of Canada as captain of their team in the return of the World Cup of Hockey. In the tournament, he would lead all players in assists and points. Seven and ten respectively. Team Canada would go winless through the tournament and defeat Team Europe in the final winning to straight games. Including a comeback in the late minutes of the third period in the second game of the final. He would join an elite club with players like Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky who have won a World cup of Hockey Most Valuable Player. That’s good company for Sidney.

Just months before the tournament, he was playing in the peak of hockey. The Stanley cup Final. He would captain the Penguins to a six game win in the final against the Western Conference Champions San Jose Sharks, who employ big names such as Joe Pavelski and Joe Thornton. Crosby would snag himself his second cup, along with his first career Conn Smythe Trophy for winning MVP of the playoffs. If he wasn’t already at the top of the all-time greats list, which he was, he is now.

Crosby isn’t the only one who wants his success to continue. Every player and coach is counting on him to lead them on and off the ice. After three games in the new year, Crosby has no goals and three assists. Still a point per game, but he wants more than that. The Penguins began the new year with a little over a week long break, so they still have some rust to shake off. Even after that week break, Crosby still leads the league in goals with a four goal lead above the second leading goal scorer. Crosby now finds himself five points behind sophomore Connor McDavid for points, though Crosby has nine less games played.

Crosby continues to prove that he is the most dominant player in the NHL right now, and of this generation. Penguins fans witnessed an amazing year not only from Crosby, but the entire Penguins organization.  With their sights set on another run at the Cup, keep your eyes open. You don’t want to miss what’s coming up.

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