The High Points of Pens vs. Wild

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While the Pittsburgh Penguins may have lost to the Minnesota Wild, there are some high points that we can take away from this game. We all know what this team is capable of, and what Coach Mike Sullivan does to prepare the Pittsburgh Penguins. Losses for the Penguins often prove to be learning experiences, and if we are being realistic, this team will face some losses. However, bouncing back is part of the Penguins’ identity. Being able to correct the mistakes that were made during previous games only makes this team better. Here are some high points that came from the Pens vs. Wild game.

1. Sidney Crosby

It may not be a surprise that Sidney Crosby scored a goal in this game, but his overall start to this season has been phenomenal. He has always been the guy to look out for on the ice, but he seems even more dangerous this season. He is currently the fourth leading goal scorer in the NHL, with nine total goals so far. During the Pens vs. Wild game, he made his presence on the ice known. He generated offense on his line and snuck behind the opposing team’s defense.

2. Clean Zone Entries

A few times the Penguins have struggled with their zone entries. They often pass the puck too much, turn the puck over, or get stuck at the blue line. However, we saw the Penguins stay away from some of these bad habits during the Pens vs. Wild game. They were able to enter the zone by taking advantage of open ice, and making clean passes. They were connecting their passes and because of this, they were able to make crisscross plays.

3. Power Play

The Penguins’ power play struggled tremendously without Sidney Crosby and Kris Letang. Both of these players contribute to our power play, and it shows when one or the other is missing. Luckily, we had both Sidney Crosby and Kris Letang in the lineup, which truly helps our power play. Another highlight that was displayed during the Pens vs. Wild game was the “shoot first” mentality of each player. Both power play goals were aided by the overwhelming amount of shots that the goalie had to face. The constant movement and shots coming from all directions benefited our power play.


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