Boy, Oh Boychuk

As we all now know, Johnny Boychuk of the New York Islanders feels wronged by the National Hockey League.

Historically, somehow whenever Sidney Crosby does something spectacular or game changing, it becomes the league’s fault.

For example, they weren’t strict enough on the faceoff rule last year and everyone knows the only reason the Pens won the Cup is because Sid cheated on draws.

They also allow him to whine constantly but whenever anyone goes to shut him up, everyone knows it’s an automatic suspension, right?

Boychuk was obviously hit to the head. Everyone moron can see that.  But the league lets it go because 87 is their darling.

If it had been Boychuk on Crosby, he would have suffered the same fate as anyone else who hits Sid right?

Well, honestly that’s about the only part I actually agree with.

If Boychuk had waited until Crosby was down and pinned by the linesman, then threw his glove off to get three cheap bareknuckled punches in directly to his head, he probably would have gotten the same punishment as TJ Oshie:


If he had accidentally on purpose delivered a blindside hit to the skull, he would have gotten the same as David Steckel:

Video: Fel0096

If he had done a blatant slew foot trying to take out Sid’s knee, he probably would have gotten what Steve Downie got:

Video: GhostWalker40

Of course the obvious difference between what Crosby did to Boychuk and what happens to him all the time is that it was 100% CLEAN. A solid, no lunge, no extra thrust, no high stick, no elbow check that at the worst could possibly be a two minute interference penalty, even though it was a 50/50 puck and Boychuk just lost a battle, plain and simple.

Look at the above videos and still try to say Crosby gets special treatment in terms of suspensions against.

Be sure to tip your waitress. Thank you and goodnight.

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