Pens Need To Focus In

The Penguins lost in overtime Monday night and they were lucky to get a point out of the game at all.

Now, either you fans are somewhat mellowed/still hung over after a championship high or I only follow the reasonable fans on Twitter this year because the acceptance of this loss on social media was actually refreshing.

I just hope this puck luck continues for us, or that we start to earn it at least.

The season opener against the Captials could have gone either way and in fact the overtime definitely should have gone their way. Instead Mr. Fleury pulled one (or 25) out of his hat and all was roses.

Game 2 featured a less than convincing first period and another stellar Fleury performance. There flashes of brilliance in the final 40 and we deserved the win based on those, but it wouldn’t have been unfair had we been too far down after one to make up for it.

I think maybe this loss, especially where it was in OT to still gain a point, is probably the best thing to happen at this point.

I’m not saying there haven’t been exciting moments and everyone is playing badly at all times. But you know how sometimes when you drive on a highway and after about 30 minutes you realize you have no memory of the trip? You drove, you steered, but you really have no idea how you got there or what signs you passed. It’s about time the Pens took it off cruise and really concentrated on the details before the luck runs out.

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