The Cycle of Cycling

I have 3 words for the Penguins, and they aren’t Marc Andre-Fleury.  My 3 words are MIDDLE LANE DRIVE.

I love possession hockey. I’m amazed that guys have the patience and confidence to hold on to the puck even when surrounded. I don’t like needlessly throwing the puck away. But there comes a time when you have to dish off. The puck carriers are doing their job so far this year, so this is a plea for all those Penguins away from the puck. Make yourself useful. Go somewhere other than the half wall or the corner. There’s a lane in the very centre of the rink, and we need to start occupying it.

The Penguins have amazing speed to beat guys wide and because of that other teams have to overcommit to the puck. Look for our boys off the puck to start driving between the opposing defencemen directly to the net for the little chip feeds instead of always cycling along the boards. The likes of Kessel, Kunitz, Sheary, and Bonino will thrive.

Mark my words, that adjustment  will be made. And when it is, the floodgates will open.

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