COLUMN: Captain Crosby Crushes Competition

I don’t know what impressed me more, the complete alliteration of this title or what the NHL’s, or for that matter the WORLD’S, best player reaffirmed on Thursday night.

Sidney Crosby has done it again. Hes a winner. He’s a champion. Words that have been uttered time and time again. But he’s undoubtedly planted the notion that he’s back on top of the NHL and plans to be for a long time.

He’s only the third player in NHL history to pull off the MVP trifecta which includes the Conn Smythe, Hart Trophy, and the Canada Cup/WCH MVP. He joins Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr as the other two who’ve done the prestigious deed.

Oh captain, my captain has lead two Penguins’ teams to Stanley Cup victories. He’s spearheaded three different Canadian teams (2 olympics and 1 World Cup of Hockey) to gold medals. He scored the “Golden Goal” in overtime versus team USA in 2010. He just won a freaking Emmy. How much more do I need to say? He’s done plenty more.

I’ll spare you all the time and tell you that he’s done everything. If he became a goalie, I’m sure head win the Vezina too. He really is just that much damn better than your captain.

This tweet from Dan Rosen sums up the impact Crosby had playing on a line with Boston Bruins Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron:

If that’s not eye-catching, I am not sure what to tell you.

The victory now gives Crosby a 26th straight international victory. He last lost a game internationally in 2010 to the USA in the preliminary rounds. Of course, that also includes the rest of his team who’ve helped him to that point.

And then there’s the whiners asking why Crosby deserves MVP over Marchand. It’s as simple as this, Crosby was the best player ALL tournament long. Marchand scored a huge game winning goal, yes. But Crosby was purely dominant and looked a lot like the player Mike Sullivan had coached him to be last season.

Crosby has the ability to make Luca Caputi, Pascal Dupuis, Chris Kunitz, and Colby Armstrong look like legitimate first line wingers. That’s only a few examples. Marchand and Bergeron are already world class hockey players, but Crosby made them look better.

I want to leave this picture here for you. 

Savor this proud face. On the left, you’ll examine a Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby. One that defied everyone’s expectations and led a rejuvenated squad to where he’s failed to get them multiple times before. On the right, you’ll see a Canadian Sidney Crosby. The same Crosby who’s done just about everything there is to do on a national level now.

Jonathon Toews can’t say that. Patrick Kane can’t say that. Jamie Benn can’t say that. Give me any NHL player’s name and he hasn’t done any measurable comparison to what Crosby has done.

Sidney Crosby has not had a kid. If he ever plans on doing so, he’ll have a ton to brag about. He’ll have the chance to shower his son/daughter in piles of money. He’ll have Olympic medals. He’ll have Stanley Cup memorabilia. He’ll have more MVP trophies from more different events than you have underwear. He’s that good.

Enjoy this, Sid. In two weeks, the grind begins. The team your contractually obliged to will commence on it’s journey to defend the trophy it worked so hard for last season. If the World Cup of Hockey was any case, the world’s greatest player isn’t suffering from any type of Stanley Cup hangover.

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