The Penguins and the Expansion Draft 

The Las Vegas Nighthawks. Black Knights. Dark Knights? Knighty Knights (trademarked by Anna @NHLPittPens)? Whatever they’ll be called, there will be 31 teams in the NHL come Fall 2017, and the with the NHL expanding, the incumbent 30 teams will have to give up a talented player on their roster. The Penguins find themselves in a great situation in terms of a possible repeat of winning the Stanley Cup. They have as deep a roster as any team in the league, including a duo at goaltender that any of the other 29 teams would love to have. But the expansion draft is looming and the Penguins can only protect so many players. 

First, teams have one of two options when it comes to protecting players. Either a team can protect seven forwards, three defensemen, and one goalie, or they can protect eight skaters (regardless of position) and one goalie. Players that have a No-Movement Clause (NMC) in their contract HAVE to be protected by the team. The Penguins have tough decisions to make, and they will sorely miss one player that will be in a Las Vegas [or another team’s] sweater. Let’s take a closer look at the Penguins’ situation:

Guaranteed Protection (NMC’s):

  • F Sidney Crosby 
  • F Evgeni Malkin
  • F Phil Kessel
  • D Kris Letang
  • G Marc-Andre Fleury

The first four listed are a given that the Penguins would lock up anyway. All of them are star/superstar level and under contract for multiple years. They aren’t going anywhere. Fleury’s situation is the biggest topic of discussion in Pittsburgh. Fleury is loved by just about everyone inside and outside of the organization, but the Penguins just won a Stanley Cup with 22 year-old Matt Murray carrying the load the last 3 months of the season. Murray showed he’s ready for the NHL level, and then some. He’s a legitimate goalie who’s only going to get better. Yet, the Penguins can only protect one goalie. The only way the Penguins could retain both Fleury and Murray is if the NHL does not consider AHL time as “professional” time, because players that have less than two years of “pro” experience are exempt from the expansion draft. Now, the good thing is that the Penguins don’t have to submit their list of protected players until June 17th (Las Vegas makes their picks on June 20th), so they could hang on to Fleury for the entire year and have arguably the best goalie duo in the league, regardless of whether Murray is exempt or not. One thing to be cognizant of though is if Murray is not exempt, and the Penguins make another run to the Cup Final, they’d only have days to trade Fleury. Now Fleury’s NMC only refers to not being sent to the minors or being waived, but he also has a limited no-trade clause, meaning the Penguins have a short list of teams to deal Fleury to, unless he approves a trade to whomever. I can’t see the Penguins choosing Fleury over Murray if this scenario plays out. Murray is 22 and on the rise. Fleury is 32 and has only 2 or 3 more seasons of really good hockey left before you see some serious regression. If Murray is not exempt and not protected, it’s pretty much a guarantee that Las Vegas picks him. He’s young, talented, and cheap against the cap. I’m afraid the Penguins are going to have to pretty much give Fleury away for almost nothing. It’ll be a seller’s market, and teams will know the Penguins will be desperate to trade him. The only thing that would make this situation better is if the Penguins lift the Cup again next year. That will help ease the pain of whoever gets plucked from the organization. Now, best case scenario, things may work out and the league may not include AHL time as “pro” time and Murray would be exempt from the draft. No moving Fleury or Murray. Everybody wins.

Probable Protected Players:

  • F Patric Hornqvist 
  • F Carl Hagelin 
  • F Nick Bonino
  • D Olli Maatta
  • D Brian Dumoulin 

These would be the players I’d protect, going with the first option given earlier in this article. That still leaves one forward to protect, and the league’s decision on AHL time could help decide that. Kunitz, Daley, Schultz, Cullen, and Fehr are all unrestricted free agents after the 2016-2017 season, so you can’t protect them.

I think the way it plays out is this: this will be Marc-Andre Fleury’s last season in Pittsburgh. It saddens me, but I understand it. Murray is exciting because he’s so young, yet so mature for his age, on and off the ice. Fleury, however, has been a rock in goal for several years. He’s a great teammate, a great goalie, and a great person. That smile of his, well, makes you smile. He made the save of his life in game 7 of the 2009 Final, preserving the Penguins third Stanley Cup. If this is his last season in a black and gold sweater, I hope it’s a great one. He’s the best goalie in team history. Flower has created a special place in all of our hearts, and it will be hard to see him go.

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