Possible Cap Dumps

The Stanley Cup Champions offseason has been quiet for mostly one reason, the cap…

Before the NHL draft a couple weeks ago, tires were kicked up about All-Star goalie Marc-Andre Fleury and the Calgary Flames. At the end of the day, Calgary decided to give up a couple picks for St. Louis’ Brian Elliot. If GMJR pulled the trigger on Fleury, the Penguins would have dropped a significant amount of money and have a good amount of cap free.

Just thinking about what can help the Penguins, I’ve came up with a couple trades that could help the Penguins open up some cap.

1) Penguins trade Marc-Andre Fleury and a 2018 3rd Round pick to Dallas for F Antoine Roussel, G Anti Niemi (1,000,000 retained), 2018 2nd Round Pick, and 2017 4th Round Pick. 

You may ask why about this trade. The Penguins trade Fleury to a team desperate team in search of a goalie. They will overpay for one that can take them to the finals.

In return to the Penguins, they receive a great depth player in Antoine Roussel who can play 4th Line LW in anticipation that Matt Cullen doesn’t return. In the trade, GMJR had to take back one of the goalies from Dallas to allow the deal to go through. When the Penguins though in the 3rd Round Pick, Dallas would have to retain $1,000,000 which is huge for the Penguins. Lastly, Dallas would have to throw in the two picks because they are desperate. 

2) Penguins trade Marc-Andre Fleury, Domnik Simon, and Derrick Pouliot to Buffalo for RFA Rights to Marcus Folingo , RFA rights to Zemgus Girgensons, and 2017 5th Round Pick.

This trade would be beneficial for both teams. The young guns in Buffalo a merging with the addition of Kyler Okposo are easily a wildcard team, however, the goalies in Buffalo aren’t the greatest. Fleury would be an excellent addition. Penguins would also throw in former 8th Overall Pick Derrick Pouliot and Domik Simon to make this deal work both ways. 

Penguins would multiply in speed with that addition to Zemgus and Marcus. Girgensons, the talented Latvian, could make an appearance on Malkins LW if he continues to impress the NHL. To add, Marcus Filingo, just like Roussel, would be a perfect fit on the Penguins 4th line.

3) Penguins trade Chris Kunitz, Derrick Pouliot, and 2017 4th Round Pick to Toronto for James vanRiesmdyk (1,500,000 retained).

The rebuilding Maple Leafs love to get any type of draft picks or prospects. Derrick Pouliot with Morgan Reilly could help Derrick find his game again. Playing under Mike Bobcock could help his development. Furthermore, the Maple Leafs get 3 Time Champion Chris Kunitz . His veteran experience can teach the young emerging stars a couple tricks. Lastly, the draft pick should sway the leafs to hold some of JVR cap.

On the Penguins side, a trade with Toronto in July means good, right? JVR-Malkin-Rust would be lethal. A combination of speed, size, and skill. Would love to see opposing defenses trying to stop four dangerous lines.

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