Pens Win it All: What comes next?

What a season it was. A horrible start turned championship season. All on he back of General Manager Jim Rutherford. For the second time on a different team he brought a championship to the city. His genius and relationship with the other general managers made deals that changed this team.

Carl Hagelin

Trevor Daley

Justin Schultz

He made moves within the organization.

Conor Sheary

Bryan Rust

Matt Murray

Probably the most prevalent of his moves was firing Mike Johnston and hiring Mike Sullivan. The change of a last name turned this team into Stanley Cup champions. Here is what I think GMJR needs to do to win the cup back to back.

  1. I cannot stress how much we need to keep these guys together. The chemistry between each other is very clear. It has also been a problem over the past 7 years that every year the roster would look different.
  2. Let Beau Bennett go. There is no value in a guy who is constantly injured. Sorry if you like him but we have no need for him.
  3. If Matt Cullen decides to return for another year. SIGN HIM! He was very valuable offensively and defensively in a depth role. He was also a great leader sometimes sporting the “A”.
  4. Beg Chris Kunitz to retire. He may still have some value, but not at the amount of money he is being paid. He can easily be replaced by Scott Wilson.
  5. Resign Ben Lovejoy. He proved himself to be a great depth defensive defensemen in the playoffs, making spectacular defensive plays on some of the Sharks best scorers.
  6. Try to work something out with Schultz. The cap is going to be an issue. If you can’t get Schultz to sign cheap on something like a bridge deal, then try to get some value in a trade.

If GMJR can keep the core of this team together while getting rid of loose ends, we can bring the Cup home again. He has found the key with speed and concentration. Now just get rid of the people who don’t fit (I.e. Kunitz). Watch for what happens with the players that I mentioned and be sure to let me know if I’m wrong.

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