Is There A Game Tonight?

With the Pittsburgh Penguins potentially one game away from winning the Stanley Cup, I wonder how many people are still watching.

Zero Canadian teams made the playoffs this year and as a result Canadian viewership of the Playoffs has decreased by something close to 60%. But I don’t think lack of Canadian teams is the only problem.

Honestly people. Call me an old traditionalist or just call me crazy, but I remember a better time when the playoff schedule was predictable. In the good old days you were told the date of game 1 and that’s all you needed. Round one was the best! 4 games one night, 4 games the next. It was March Madness, except in April.

If my team was in it, Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday I’d do anything you want. Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday get a new friend. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Not only could you tell what night the games were on, but you knew the time. It was the same. You could set your life around it.

Now it’s one game at 8:00, wait three days, one game at 11:30, wait two days. Whoops, missed game three because it was at 1:00 in the afternoon, and missed game 4 too because they went back to back nights. In the playoffs, NO ONE should ever have to ask, is there a game tonight?

And now they’re so late anyway. It used to be, hey, did you stay up and see the double overtime? Now it’s, hey, did you stay up for a period or two? No, it didn’t start until midnight. Ain’t nobody got time for that, either.

This year in the first round when there should be the most hockey available, there were two nights where no games were on at all, and then they had a game 7 on the same night as a game 1 for round 2. Unbelievable.

How are you supposed to attract new fans when you’re lucky to even keep the interest of the die hards?

And 17 days for the Finals alone is too much. I wanted Pittsburgh to win game 5 for a few reasons. One of them shouldn’t be because I didn’t want to wait 8 more days if it does 7.

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