How Not to React When Your Favorite Team Loses

It’s late in the evening, you got your favorite shirsey on, glass of beer, some chips and you’re watching your favorite team lose. The chips start to taste stale, the beer isn’t quenching your thirst. The final seconds tick off the game clock and the last horn of the game sounds. The Penguins have lost. What do you do now?

  1. Get on your favorite Social Media. You’ll want to start making posts in all caps to make sure everyone can see your anger along with your asanine takes.
  2. Blame the goalie. It’s always the easy way out. If only he had made this one save out of the 20+ others that he made.
  3. Make a call to action. The most common call will be to strip the captaincy of our beloved Sidney Crosby. Say that he is “washed up” or “isn’t a great leader.
  4. Make fun of the people who don’t overreact like a little child. If someone is talking like a sane person, insult them. No better way to prove your point than to make childish remarks towards good people.

Now, these aren’t the only steps you can take to successfully look like an idiot online, but if you follow these everyone will hate you in no time.
Just remember when they win the next game to scream it from the rooftops that you had faith in them the entire time. Hide the evidence, delete the tweets, and hope nobody remembers what an imbecile you really are.

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